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LED lighting Specialist

and Energy Saving Solutions

VOOTU LED PACIFIC, LLC is now serving Hawaii and beyond.  vootu, Inc. recently went through a rebrand from ECO Energy.  We are an energy solutions partner that is passionate about helping commercial and residential customers save on energy costs, improve safety, increase productivity, and create a comfortable and healthier environment.  Additional money to your bottomline is a bonus.  As a Hawaii Energy Ally, we will help you apply for all incentive and rebate opportunities. 
Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, vootu is a leader in energy solutions. Dave Watson, president and CEO, and Brian Kalan, vice president for engineering and operations product development, each have an impeccable background and true passion for providing quality energy saving solutions for commercial, industrial and governmental facilities scientifically proven to reduce energy consumption and costs in lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration and other inefficient motor-driven equipment.
The company also specializes in providing real-time energy monitoring as well. As vootu continues to invest time and resources in developing products and solutions, we’re proud to say our products are designed and engineered in the US, and there are no UV emissions.

Contact us at We'll be your partner in developing an energy solutions plan today. Let L.E.D. start you in the "green" direction.

  • Serviced over 400 Domino's Pizza establishments, delivering 70% energy savings.
  • Subway locations changed their exterior 1,000-watt bulb to 300-watt bulb reducing their lighting energy by 70% The interior retrofitted their t8 tubes, CFL bulbs, and other lighting and saved 20% of their overall energy savings.

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