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Lighting Solutions

Micro Switch
FIRST OF ITS KIND! This MICRO SWITCH LED T8 Tube is the perfect fluorescent replacement solution. This Dual Ended Power requires no re-wiring of the typical fixture. The unique MICRO SWITCH allows you to simply insert the tube in the fixture without a tombstone. Money saver! Remove ballast before installation. DLC, UL, RoHS approved. 5 year warranty.

Lumens: 1903 CRI: >80 Voltage: 100-277 Dimensions: 1206mm Beam Angle: 120
HYBRID 4', 18 watt
NEW Product! This HYBRID 4', 18 watt, 4000k, frosted T8 tube is the perfect solution to QUICKLY replace the traditional fluorescent 32 watt tube. The HYBRID works without a ballast or with most electric ballasts. The HYBRID is dual ended = no wiring or tombstone modification required. DLC, UL, RoHS approved. *Do not use this with a magnetic ballast.

Lumens: 1850/1980 CRI: >80 Voltage: 100-277 Dimensions: 1206mm Beam Angle: 120
LED T8 U-Tube
The LED T8 U-Tube is the solution to replacing the 32 Watt Fluorescent U-Tube bulb. This bulb is DLC, UL Approved and also is backed up with a 5 Year Warranty.

Lumens: 1890 CRI: >80 Voltage: 100-277 Beam Angle: 120 Base: G13
LED High Bay
The LED High Bay light is the perfect solution for traditional commercial high bay lights. We provide these lights in 150-300 Watts. This product is DLC and UL approved. Along with all of our other products, this uses Mean Well driver and CREE diodes.

Lumens: 13500-2700 CRI: >80 Voltage: 100-277
LED Gas Canopy
Made specially for gas stations, this replaces the existing 400 watt Canopy Fixture with a glass cover and provides 14,500 lumens. This is a standard stocked item. The other 2 Canopy light options are available by special order. 100 watts replaces 320 watts. Fixture dimensions are 15"x15"x3.25". High quality driver and Philips 3030 diodes. 5 year warranty. DLC and UL approved.

Lumens: 11,500 -18,000 CRI: >75 Voltage: AC85-300V Dimensions: 600x365x100mm
LED Street Light
Outdoor roadway lights provide proper lighting for safety. Street Lights come in 100 watt, 150 watt, and 200 watt options. High quality drivers and Philips diodes. 6 year warranty.

Lumens: 18376 CR: >80 Voltage: 100-277 Dimensions: 705x365x100mm
The LED A19-A21 bulb is the perfect solution for replacing those 40/60/100 Watt legacy bulbs. These bulbs come in 6-13 Watt. It is Energy Star and UL listed. It is also backed up with our 3 year warranty.

Lumens: 500-1100 CRI: >80 Voltage: 120 Beam Angle: 300 Base: E26 Kelvin: 2700-4000K
PAR 30L/38 13-18 Watt
The PAR30 is a dimmable LED bulb. This bulb can come in long or short. We have these bulbs available in 2700-4000 Kelvin. UL listed and backed up by our 3 year warranty.

Lumens: 800-1100 CRI: >80 Voltage: 120 Base: E26 Kelvin: 2700-4000
The MR16 is a dimmable light. This bulb looks similar to the GU10 but it is different so be careful before you buy. The MR16 is a GU5.3 Base.

Lumens: 630 CRI: >80 Base: GU5.3 Kelvin: 2700-400 Beam angle: 60 Voltage: 12
Refrigeration Cooler LED 4', 5000k
vootu Refrigeration Cooler LED 4', 5000k, frosted tubes will enhance and attract customers to your refrigerator display and generate more sales. This energy efficient retrofit solution not only helps to increase visibility but uses less wattage. External power source. UL approved. 5 year warranty. 22 Watt, 5' refrigeration tube also available.

Lumens: 1800 CRI: >80 Voltage: 100-277 Dimensions: 1200mm Beam Angel: 200
LED Retro Plate
This LED Retro Plate is 65 Watt, this is a perfect solution to replace an existing 250 Watt bulb. We also carry 35 - 400 Watt Retro plates. Remember to remove ballast before installation. DLC, UL, approved. 5 Year Warranty.

Lumens: 80 CRI: > 100-277 Dimenstions: 6.8x4.9x1.2"
LED Flood Light
The LED Flood Light is great solution for any general purpose flood lighting. We have 30 Watt - 80 Watt replacement lamps. These lights are made for outdoor usage so it can withstand the changing weather conditions.

Lumens 1000-8000 CRI: >75 Voltage: 100-277 Dimensions: L219xW191xH64mm
Industrial Flood Lights
The Industrial Flood Lights is a great solution to replace 400/750/1000 Watt Legacy light. This bulb is UL listed and is backed up with a 3 year warranty.

Lumens: 15600-39000 CRI: >80 Voltage: 100-277
LED Corn Bulb
The Corn Bulb is a perfect solution for any situation if you need 360 degrees of lighting. We have from 7 Watt - 120 Watt replacement bulbs. This bulb is UL approved and it comes with a 3 year warranty.

Lumens: 6500 CRI: >80 Voltage 100-277 Dimensions: 3.5x11" Beam Angle: 360
Shoebox LED Light
The LED Shoebox light is one solution for legacy street lights. This light is UL listed and along with all of our products we use Mean Well drivers and CREE diodes. It is backed up with a 5 year warranty.

Lumens: 20,000 CRI: >80 Voltage: 100-277 Dimensions: 600*435*180mm Viewing Angle: 132 Degrees Wattage: 200
BR 20-40 Watt
The BR 20-40 Watt is a solution for people who want to replace those dimmable lights. It is an Energy Star and UL listed product.

Lumens: 600-1360 CRI: >80 Voltage: AC120V Beam Angle: 110
GU10-6 Watt
The 6 Watt GU10 LED bulb is a dimmable light. We have 2700 Kelvin and 4000 Kelvin available. This light has our 3 year warranty.

Lumens: 620-650 CRI: >80 Voltage: 120 Base: GU10 Kelvin: 2700-4000
Candle Light 3-5 Watt
The Candle light is available in 3-5 Watt. It has an E12 and E26 Base. This bulb is good for low light areas. It has a flame tip to resemble a candle. The bulb is backed up with our 3 year warranty and is RoHS certified.

Lumens: 180-450 CRI: >80 Voltage: 120 Base: E12-E26 Watt: 3-5 Beam Angle: 360
BR20-7.5Watt BR30-13.5Watt BR40-17Watt
The BR20 BR30 BR40 are all dimmable bulbs. They are a great solution for lights that do not have diffusers because it has a frosted cover lens. It is available in 2700-4000 Kelvin.

Lumens: 600-1360 CRI: >80 Voltage: AC120 Base: E26 Beam Angle: 110 Watt: 7.5-13.5